For my last post this year I wanted to write something that has to do with new year goals but I don’t particulary like the word ‘New Year’s Resolution’, as we all know they never lasts. So I began searching for a new word or way and found something better: Las doce uvas de la suerte also known as the 12 Grapes of Luck. This is a Spanish New Year tradition and so much better than the traditional New Year’s Resolution ritual we know.

Most of us have, at one point or another, made a promise to ourselves as one year ends and another begins to do things different the following year, whether it was to start an exercise routine, get a new job, quit smoking or finally finish home repairs. But we all know that gym memberships rise in January and dies down a few months later (we have all been there) and most of us seem to forget our yearly goals as soon as we declare them. But the Spanish people have a better way.

Here is how it works: you take 12 grapes at midnight on 31 December and assign each grape with a goal, intention or hope. Some versions suggest attaching each grape to a specific month. They are not necessarily all concrete plans or under one’s control and they don’t have to bear any particular relationship to one another. For example: “Learn how to crochet,” “patch that hole in the wall,” “travel more,” “get my passport sorted out,” and “finish writing my book” are all valid grape goals. The flexibility is the true beauty and power of this tradition.
A big part of why New Year’s resolutions so often fail is that they are big goals without corresponding plans, milestones or timelines. Some people can tackle a large task without separating it into smaller pieces or setting up deadlines for themselves, but for others it is easier to separate goals into bitesize chunks.

The 12 Grapes of Luck leaves room to think more broadly and out-of-the-box about one’s vision for the new year and enables you to break down a big goal into segments for better planning. Personally, it helps me dream and think bigger.

Here are my first 3 grapes for 2020: Travel overseas, my goal here is to buy less unnecessary stuff that I don’t need and save that money instead so I can see a new country. My 2nd grape is reading 1 motivational book every month and my goal is to read 15 pages every day. My 3rd grape is learning how to take better care of my curly hair and my goal is to try different non-toxic hair products until I find the one that works best for my curls.

Declare out loud your list as you eat your grapes, give it timelines, stick it in the inside of your cupboard and look at it every day. The only way we can grow is by moving out of our comfort zones and do the things WE want to do, go on… who doesn’t want to better themselves and grow into their best versions?

One of my favourite quotes by Tony Robbins is “Progress = Happiness.” Short and sweet but so powerful! We cannot grow if we don’t do the things that makes us uncomfortable and if we decide to stay where we are without moving forward, then how can we expect to better ourselves and our situation? It all sit in the word ‘choice’ and only YOU can make that choice.

Cheers to a new, exciting year of growth! You are not alone in this, we can do it all together!

Feel free to share your grape goals and let us make 2020 the year where we truely find happiness by putting ourselves first for once.