Does outside factors like the news, a stressful work situation, a fight with a friend or an argument with your husband effect your health and mood? Honestly I think for most of us it does, but think about it, most of these things we cannot control, 99% of the news we cannot do anything about and 100% of the time we cannot control other people’s responses, but we can control our OWN responses. When I started incorporating more self-care and more healthy habits into my daily life, my mindset started to shift. I started small, but I started somewhere and soon it snowballed into bigger ones and when I opened my eyes again, I knew that I have found ME, I found what was important to me, you see we become our habits. Read this again…we become our habits…when I realized this, it has changed my mindset completely.

Yes we all have 1 or 2 bad habits we can work on, some easier to overcome than others, but the good news is, we can overcome them when we really WANT to. The emphases are on WANT because some people don’t want to change, they are happy to complain and be negative, but we need to be the change we want to see in the world.

We need to start small, nothing good happens overnight. If you start to see good habits as GIFTS that you give yourself, keep your own momentum, do what you want, set clear boundaries and say ‘no’ when it is something that doesn’t serve you. By having this mindset, you will be much more motivated to start.

Honestly, I now react to situations differently (yes of course I get cross from time to time) but I no longer need other’s approval.

On my blog I have already shared some habits I have incorporated into my life, but I want to share one of my favorites with you: the power of a good long soak in the bath.

Don’t know if you would agree, but I think that a long, hot, steamy, candlelight, herbal tea/glass of wine (whichever rocks your boat) bath has lost its sacred meaning. We make all these excuses, “I am too busy”… “The kids won’t allow me”… “We need to save water” …etc etc etc and what we actually do in the process is neglecting the art of self-care.

In Greek and Roman times, bathing was not only an opportunity to practice good hygiene, it was a place for socializing, entertainment and recuperation as well. Bathing was such a well-loved activity that massive beautiful bathhouses were build. Some could accommodate hundreds of people at a time. After the Roman empire fell, bathhouses also fell out of popularity. Bathing was seen as controversial because it challenged many religious believes that pleasuring and addressing the needs of the body was sinful. Many of those ideas still persist in our culture today. Our society admires starving ourselves in favor of the “perfect” body, hides sensuality and sexuality and in the process neglecting self-care. But in contrast to the unforgiving world, the bath is a beautiful, tranquil and safe place.

Alone in the bath I can clear my mind, dream, sing to myself (which only happens when I am alone) and connecting to my body and mind in a positive, joyful way.

After a long day or when I need time for myself, I treat myself to a long luxurious soak. My husband knows that this is my time and leaves me for that 45 minutes.

Tell your family that this is your time and just for 45 minutes once a month, they should let you be, what is the saying? Happy wife…happy life.

This is the most powerful way I know to consciously recalibrate and love myself.

This week I want you to do this for yourself: light a few candles, put on some meditation music (I use the Insight Timer App, its free and they have loads of meditation music), add your favorite bubble bath or essential oils (I love Lavender, Clary Sage & Geranium combination – if you use oils, first mix them with Epsom salt otherwise they will just float on the surface), if you have an extra 2 minutes make your own face mask (Recipe: mix together 1 TBSP raw honey, 3 TBSP Greek yogurt and 3 drops of Frankincense essential oil – put on your face and leave for 20 minutes – rinse off with warm water) and your choice of beverage. Use this time to think of 3 things that you want to start doing for YOU and start doing them.

I take baths regularly, they keep me sane.

Self-care = Self-love and we cannot love ourselves if we don’t care for ourselves.